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Touch Table


Smart restaurant be used as a common table or one key switch to a super large Pad, matched with smart ordering software, background management system, making seamless joint between catering industry and internet. Business entertainment satisfy multi-operation, increase entertainment and interaction, used for shopping mall, cinema, KTV, bars and other recreational places. Company reception area used for reception area, business meeting room, VIP room, while drinking tea, introduce projects to customers by multi-media, help business cooperation. Smart home be placed in living room, be used as common table or home entertainment center, for parent-child education and increasing family interaction.
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Matched with ordering software and payment software, it can provide smart ordering service to customers. At business environment, people can drink tea and slide the touch screen to introduce company and products to visitors, reaching business operation in happy atmosphere. At family environment, you can share photos and videos with friends and family or play chess games or learn words with children. UCN provides 43 inch, 4 seats or 6 seats touch tables presently.

Manufacturer's Description

UCN Touch Table is a revolutionary high-technology product. Applying nano touch technology, it combines exquisite manufacturing techniques of modern furniture and elegant design, easily switch to a super large Pad, not losing its original function as a table for placing articles. It is also waterproof, antifouling, high temperature resistant and durable. Internally installed open software platform, rich interface, support WIFI, widely used in restaurant, KTV and other entertainment place or business office.