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Radiation Treatment Planning System




1) 3D conformal planning, 2D planning and block design output. 2) IMRT planning in either Step-and-Shoot or Sliding-Window modes. 3) Inverse Sliding ARC IMRT planning to allow a typical treatment plan delivered within 2 to 5 minutes. 4) Advanced fusion options include: plane fusion, marker point fusion, and automatic 3D fusion. 5) DICOM 3.0/RT Image Import/Export Support for CT, MRI, and/or PET Image Sets. 6) Auto-contour Delineation for skin, lung, spinal cord, eyes, brain, liver, kidneys, etc. 7) Multi-target plan design, 3D GTV enlargement to user defined CTV or PTV. 8) Direct comparison of plan differences for plan optimization. 9) Plan evaluations, DVH evaluations by individual or combined organ definitions. 10) RT plan process virtual simulation prior to treatment delivery including collision testing. 11) Beam Type: Photon, Electron, C60.

Manufacturer's Description

The TiGRT Treatment Planning System (TPS) offers 3D conformal RT, Step-and-Shoot IMRT, Dynamic Sliding IMRT, ARC Optimization IMRT by using modified Generic Algorithms.* Auto Beam Selection and Aperture Based Optimization features are also included. TiGRT TPS makes radiation treatment planning and communications simple, easy and seamless for the dosimetrist, physicist and radiation oncologist. * Y.Li and J.Yao etc. Phy.Med.Biol.48 (2003) 3353-3374 Y.Li and J.Yao etc. Phy.Med.Biol.49 (2004) 1915-1932Forward Conformal PlanCan arrange photon treatment, electron treatment, and also compounding treatment in forward conformal plan module. Block, aperture, MLC, wedge and bolus can be used for planning. Dose Volume Histograms (DVH) can also be calculated.
Inverse Step-and-Shoot / Sliding IMRT PlanInclude Intensity-map based optimization and Aperture based optimization methods. 3D compensator and auto beam selection can also be arranged.
Simple, Easy, Seamless and AccurateBoth the 3D fast full scatter Pencil Beam convolution algorithm for photon beam calculations and the 3D pencil beam algorithm for electron calculation offer fast dose calculations. Adding beams from the standard beam library or a user defined template beam library along with the automatic definition of the target isocenter makes TPS accurate as well as simple and easy to use.
Sliding ARC IMRT and Delivery Package TPS provides a complete package of planning modalities including conformal, forward and inverse planning techniques and Dynamic Sliding ARC with easy to use planning tools. The final plan can be easily exported to our Dynamic Multi-leaf Collimator (MLC). Conformal, Step & Shoot and Sliding Window IMRT, and Sliding ARC IMRT delivery protocols are supported by planning and export functions. Sliding ARC IMRT can deliver a typical treatment plan within 2 to 5 minutes. As a standard feature, the TPS also includes a DICOM RT import and export module providing communications to most RT devices and record and verify (R&V) networks.