Registration Date 9 Nov 2016

Apolipoprotein A1 detection kit (Immunoturbidimetry)


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Indicator Of Cardiovascular Disease


Medicine Cardiovascular disease


Rapid: Quantitative results in 3-15min Highly sensitive: Low detecting limits to picograms level Versatile: Eight test kits now and more Easy to use: Touch screen, Build-in calibration, Test menu auto identification

Manufacturer's Description

Apolipoprotein A1 and B is used as an important indicator of cardiovascular disease risk factors. ApoA1 is the major structural protein of HDL (about 65% HDL about the total protein), while ApoB is the major structural protein of LDL (LDL accounted for 98% of total protein), so ApoA1 ApoB can directly reflect LDL and HDL levels. Research data show that, ApoA1 down-regulation and ApoB up-regulation is risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which is also a good indicator for dyslipidemia.Mix serum (containing APOA1) and reagent (goat anti-human polyclonal antibody APOA1) to form insoluble immune complexes, which increases the turbidity of reaction solution. Measure absorbance by spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 340nm. The turbidity reflects the concentration of APOA1 in the sample, which can be read out by a working curve calibrated by standard serum.Stable for one year when stored at 2~8 ℃ in the dark (freeze prohibited), Stable at 2~8 ℃ for one month after initial use.