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AGV forklift trucks NX300

Renewable Energies Batteries

Amtomated Guided Vehicle


Fast Charge High rate and big current charge(3C-4C);big current and short time charge(0.5-1C),charge to 90% capacity in 1-2 hours,still charging as 0.5C under -10℃. Ultra-long Cycle Life 4000 times 100% DOD(3C),remaining capacity not lower than 75%. Low-temperature property Discharging under -30℃,the capacity is still more than 85%(conventional lithium iron batteries can not discharge under -30℃); allowed max.charge current 1C under -10℃(conventional products will be lithium precipitation charging as 1C current under -10℃). Free maintenance Batteries' package sealed completely,not need to add liquid and maintenance,not need to replace battery,not need to design specially charging room. Environmentally friendly Won't produce acid mist and harmful gas in the process of charging。 Solution for forklift trucks' lithium iron battery Supplying integrative solutions for lithium-ion battery pack and replacing battery pack.
Environmentally Friendly Long life Low-temperature Storage