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UltraCell Blade 50W fuel cell XRT-200


Renewable Energies Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell


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Pd Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-05-3


Military industry Power generation Surveillance system


UltraCell Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell (RMFC) technology does not contain materials which are damaged at temperature extremes Only UltraCell’s unique RMFC chemistry allows for a single fuel mixture which operates from -30 to +50C unlike other technologies which require desert and winter fuel mixtures Only UltraCell fuel cells can be stored in OFF mode between -30 to +80C without artificial heating unlike other technologies which require complex heating kits for storage below 0C Only UltraCell fuel cells can startup from a -20C cold soak without additional thermal kits Autonomous operation with sleep mode functionality Safe for indoor and in-vehicle use: Emissions meet OSHA standards Unique hybrid battery system at 16.8V delivering 50 Watts of continuous power Industry-leading performance: Operates at high-altitude and cold temperatures Operates anywhere: Quiet, rugged design for jungle, desert, and arctic environments Extended runtime: Hot swappable cartridges and optional long runtime external fuel tanks Simplifies logistics: Powers different devices at different voltages with application-specific tethers

Environmentally Friendly Biodegradability

Manufacturer's Description

The UltraCell Blade 50W fuel cell is designed to meet therugged off-grid power needs of performance-demandingmilitary and commercial users. This reformed methanolfuel cell will provide 50W of continuous power and comesin a highly durable and portable, battle-proven housing.The fuel cell is powered by ultraclean, biodegradablemethanol, providing quiet, nearly emissions-free operation.It can run continuously off the grid using the existingarsenal of UltraCell fuel cartridges. Its convenient formfactor makes it easy for transportation, while its long lifemeans that no servicing trips are needed for highly remoteor covert surveillance applications.The UltraCell Blade 50W is ideal for a wide variety of highpowerelectronic applications including radio and satellitecommunication gear, remote or mobile surveillancesystems, laptop computers, and battery charging.