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Manufacturer's Description

Leveraging the technological properties of nanofluids and flow batteries, we developed a groundbreaking new energy storage. On-par with modern lithium-ion accumulators in energy density, but safer, environmentally compatible and more convenient. 
nanoFlowcell® stores electrochemical energy and release it as electricity. Benefits of this technology are its thermal safety, low cost, high efficiency and great flexibility. 
At last, with nanoFlowcell®, mobile electrical power becomes available in an environmentally sustainable, resource-efficient and non-hazardous manner for the first time, providing new perspectives to electro mobility - on land, at sea and in the air.Will it be possible to build a fuel-station infrastructure suitable for nanoFlowcell®? Yes. When? Very quickly, because existing fuel stations can simply be retrofitted. There could also be standalone refuelling systems, installed in convenient locations or at home. Will it be interesting for consumers and providers in terms of costs? Yes. Why? Because refuelling with ionic fluid - one positively and one negatively charged liquid, is possible right now. And because the manufacture of ionic liquid is already inexpensive using current technology. On top of that, the ionic liquid is non-toxic, non-flammable and has a virtually infinite shelf life. All this is beneficial to mass production, logistics and storage, without any onerous regulatory requirements.Filling up with the ionic liquid barely differs from the refuelling process for vehicles with internal combustion engines, only that this involves two liquids beings pumped simultaneously into two separate tanks within the vehicle. 
The ionic liquid is consumed - the tank is refilled with new energy through topping up the ionic liquid. No need for plugs and sockets, the electricity comes from the nanoFlowcell®.