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Wind Turbine


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Wind Turbine


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Easy to install – The T701 is rugged, but easy to transport and assemble. Our flexible tower top interface adapts to a variety of towers. Easy to wire – Our slip ring design lets you wire before or after installing the turbine. Easy to service –Pika Home Wind Turbines are designed for 20 years of operation with no scheduled maintenance, but we make service easy anyway. Pika Energy’s inverters are located at ground level, and the T701 adapts to most popular tilt-up tower models. Site flexibility – Locate the best spot for the T701 and take advantage of the high-efficiency line transmission of our 380VDC REbus™ nanogrid. Upwind design –Performance is maximized by the Pika Home Wind Turbine’s responsive upwind construction. Remote monitoring – Customers, installers, and Pika Energy technicians can view performance data from any WiFi-connected Pika Home Wind Turbine system. Pika Energy can remotely administer software updates and diagnose errors so you don’t have to. Ships by UPS –The compact Pika Home Wind Turbine system saves you shipping costs and valuable time.

Durability Environmentally Friendly Easy to wire

Manufacturer's Description

Perfect for off-grid living or for anyone looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, the Pika Home Wind Turbine has been designed, built and tested to operate for 20 years with no scheduled maintenance. This fully-certified  T701 is also the quietest to ever be certified by the Small Wind Certification Council, with an operating acoustic range of 38.3 dB.
Both the grid-tied and off-grid system options include free online system monitoring, best-in-class safety, and the flexibility to expand the system in the future.
Like all Pika Energy products, the T701 is manufactured and assembled in the United States.