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Nanosol 35-Gallon Capacity Portable Solar Water Heating Unit


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Solar Water Heater


Nanosol is good for providing you 35 gallon hot water in hot climates areas. · Nanosol is not a solar water heater for preheating water to your existing water heater. · Nanosol can be used in hot climates areas where there is a strong sun penetration during day time and no big difference of temperature between day and night. · Nanosol will not maintain the heated water as is during the night time . · There is no electrical element in the Nanosol. Nanosol cannot be used in a cold climate.
Water Heaters


· Solar collection features storage tank, enameled inside · Direct-injected monoblock poyurethane insulation · Transparent top cover designed for best solar transmission · Open circuit system, allows rapid water heating · Easy to fix mounting set; combined with the system


Manufacturer's Description

The Nanosol 35-Gallon Portable Open Loop Solar Water Heating Unit from Ezinc weighs just 164 pounds and is designed for compact solar water heating everywhere without high installation costs. It is the most practical and economic way to have hot water from solar energy. Mounting set and security hardware are included, which allows "plug & play" functionality. Thanks to the compact design, it is easy to move the unit from one place to another. The Nanosol Solar Water Heating Unit can be used on walls, balconies, terraces, gardens, roofs, camping and summer houses.