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Solar Backpack


Solar panel and internal battery pack High capacity Lithium Ion battery Power Kit incl. universal Octopus adapter Quick Access cell phone pocket and headphone port Breathable & padded air mesh back pads Compression strap system Adjustable and padded air mesh shoulder straps Two separate internal compartments: one featuring a padded Laptop sleeve, the Otter featuring an internal organizer and more pockets for ultimate organization and protection of your items. Side pockets lined with ultra-soft material (for protection of sunglasses and items with delicate surfaces) Two additional outer pockets Reflective strips for better visibility and safety Padded heavy duty Nylon handle

Flexibility Lightweight Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

SOLAR BACKPACKDESIGNED TO MEET YOUR EVERY NEED!The Solar Backpack is great for a techie on the go; it can charge virtually all handheld electronics (mobile phones, mp3 players/ipods, cameras, PSP, etc.). Equipped with the latest generation solar panel, energy is captured from the sun and stored in a lithium ion battery located inside the bag. Energy is held for several days, so you can have access to free electricity virtually anywhere you go! Convenient and stylish, this backpack is designed to meet your every need! 
LAST GENERATION SOLAR PANEL.Patented technology photoreactive material. Made from conductive polymers and nano-engineenered materials. Tough, waterproof, lightweight, flexible, reacts with both indoor and outdoor light. 
THE OCTOPUS CABLE.User Friendly Connection to devices: Solar Messenger Bags include a USB charg-ing adapter for common cell phones and other handheld devices.