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C Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7782-40-3
Diameter : 100-150 nm


Heat transfer


The key area where NanoEndure and MonoEndure differ from all other NDP products is that they are used to enhance the propertiesof plated wear resistant coatings, they are not used as an abrasive product. They are particularly suited to inclusion in hard chrome and electroless and electrolytic nickel plating. The benefits of the addition of NanoEndure or MonoEndure to metal plating applications are: Increased micro hardness & hence wear resistance Increased coating corrosion resistance Improved coating grain structure Reduced friction

Tenacity Wear Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Optimal nanodiamond products cannot be delivered as a loose powder and must be supplied as a suspension. A suspension is a liquid in which small particles of solid are contained, but not dissolved. In the NDP range of suspensions, the small particles are diamonds and, as a result of controlling the cluster / particle size distribution, surface charges on the diamond, and the pH and surface tension of the carrier liquid, the diamonds do not agglomerate nor settle. This involves specialised surface chemistry and it is an area where NDP has developed a high level of skills since it was founded.
All NDP suspensions are de-ionised water based and there are two distinct diamond types: polycrystalline nanodiamond, in the NanoEndure range, and monocrystalline micron diamond in the MonoEndure range. In the NanoEndure range diamond sizes from 50 to 80 nanometres are available; in the MonoEndure range, sizes from 100 to 150nm are available. Concentrations of diamonds are usually in the range 10 to 1000 carats/L.