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The NanoThermo™ technology of Hydromx® increases the heat transfer rate. No matter what the energy source, or how efficient the boiler or chiller is, Hydromx® improves the efficiency of the whole system by transferring energy more effectively. Furthermore, Hydromx® is specifically formulated to prevent corrosion, calcification and algae in the systems. It is certified under the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme to inhibit corrosion of metallic and plastic parts, and prevent scaling up of the system, particularly the boiler.

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Manufacturer's Description

Hdyromx®, is a revolutionary heat transfer fluid that utilizes Nano-Thermo™ technology. Hydromx® uses nano-particles that are suspended in a stable state to increase the speed of heat transfer, by heating up (or removing heat from) the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time, thereby requiring significantly less energy.
Hydromx® is most suitable for closed-loop heating and cooling systems where efficiency is achieved by diminishing run-times of associated equipment. Hence, the life of the equipment is extended together with lower maintenance costs. In cooling systems, when compared with water, Hydromx® makes heat transfer 35% faster. Which means that transferring the same amount of heat in much shorter time. In cooling systems, efficiency of Hydromx® generates mutual gains in more than one part of the system especially in compressor directly.
Energy efficiency of Hydromx® based on reducing the run time of the compressor. Furthermore, approved records show that Hydromx® increases the required ambient temperature limits for Free Cooling up to 5-6ºC. Consequently, it is possible to achieve up to 35% saving in cooling with Hydromx®. In high controlled environments such as data center application, it was recorded as high as 37% saving.Hydromx® reduces the total runtime of your system by transferring the energy much faster and more efficiently.
In addition to this, the heat lost on flue gas temperature (3°C) is also decreased by Hydromx® usage. Thus, the same amount of energy is transferred much faster, creating efficiency and savings on your energy bill. All of these gains have been proven and reported by Enertek which is a leading boiler R&D company. To this day, systems with Hydromx® have shown a productivity increase of 29% on average.