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Registration Date 13 Feb 2017

DRE Waveline Nano CO2


Agriculture Animal Husbandry Product Number : 12689

CO2 Monitor


Livestock CO2 monitoring


Available in Mainstream or Sidestream CO2 configurations. See below for details. Multi-parameter unit measures SpO2, EtCO2, RESP, BPM. Lightweight design allows clinicians to carry the Nano CO2 anywhere — in the office or on the go. Durable unit designed to hold up to vigorous use in a variety of applications. Intuitive interface with large, responsive keys. Color LCD Display with rotating screen for a clear view from any angle. Displays capnography and pulse oximetry waveform trends. Suitable for use with both small and large animals. Clinician-adjusted, audible and visual alarms for use in continuous monitoring. Large data storage capacity for analyzing trend data. Patient information management capabilities.

Manufacturer's Description

Highly portable CO2 monitor provides multi-parameter solutions for veterinary offices, emergency medicine and mobile use.
The DRE Waveline Nano CO2 is an ideal solution for veterinary clinicians who need reliable, multi-parameter monitoring in any environment. Weighing less than 10 ounces, the Waveline Nano CO2 fits into the palm of your hand, allowing you to take the device anywhere.Easily measure SpO2, EtCO2, RESP, BPM with the unit’s intuitive interface. Large, easy-to-press keys and a clear color LCD display allow clinicians to easily access information and make a care plan accordingly. Manage patient information with the Nano CO2 monitor’s extensive data storage capacity.The DRE Waveline Nano CO2 is available in a Mainstream CO2 or Sidestream CO2 version and comes standard with SpO2 and EtCO2 sensor modules, large and small airway adapters, a DB9 adapter cable, hanging strap and a durable carrying case.For more information on the DRE Waveline Nano CO2, contact a DRE Representative today.
Equipment Classification
Type of Protection Against Electric shock: Internally PoweredMode of operation: ContinuousDegree of Protection Against Ingress of Liquids: IPX1, drip proofDegree of Mobility: PortableDegree of Protection Against Electric Shock: Type BFSafety Requirements: EN60601-1:2007Parameter
SpO2Range: 0-100%Accuracy: ± % at 70 %-100%,<70%, undefinedResolution: 1%PRRange: 25-250bpmAccuracy: ±2% at 25bpm - 250bpmResolution: 1bpmEtCO2Range: 0-20% (0-150mmHg)Accuracy: +2 mm Hg @ < 5.0% CO2 (at BTPS) | < 10% of reading @ > 5.0% CO2 (at BTPS)Resolution: 0.1 mmHgRRRange: 0-150 (BPM)Accuracy: ±1bpmResolution: 1bpmAlarm Limits
SpO2Cat: 97 (high) - 85 (low)Dog: 99 (high) - 85 (low)Horse: 97 (high) - 85 (low)PRCat: 150 (high) - 45 (low)Dog: 160 (high) - 70 (low)Horse: 150 (high) - 45 (low)EtCO2Cat: 40 (high) - 30 (low)Dog: 40 (high) - 30 (low)Horse: 40 (high) - 30 (low)RRCat: 30 (high) - 8 (low)Dog: 30 (high) - 8 (low)Horse: 30 (high) - 8 (low)Power Requirements
AC power supply 100-240VAC, 47-63HzOr four standard “AA” alkaline or Ni-MH cells (IEC Type LR6)Battery Life
Alkaline Cells: approximately (20) hoursDimensions
With CaseWidth: 3.25 in (8.25 cm)Length: 5.875 in (14.93 cm)Depth: 1.625 in (4.13 cm)Without CaseWidth: 2.875 in (7.30 cm)Length: 5.25 in (13.33 cm)Depth: 1.062 in (2.70 cm)Screen: 2.875 in (7.30 cm)Environmental
Operating Temp: 0 to 50°CStorage Temp: -20°C to +60°CRelative Humidity (shipping): 0 to 95%Relative Humidity (storage): 10 to 95%Relative Humidity (operating): 30 to 95%