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Diatoms have a silica body, unlike other algae such as Green Algae and Blue Green Algae which have cellulose bodies. Diatoms are consumed by zooplankton, fish and shrimp. Diatoms prevent other algae from blooming in the ponds. Thus the Diatoms keep the pond clean and provide fresh, live and natural food to the fish and shrimp. 1 liter results in release of at least 200 kgs of Oxygen. 1 liter causes bloom of atleast 200 kgs of Diatoms and this can provide upto 25% of the food required by fish.

Manufacturer's Description

Aquaculture ponds get polluted due to the excreta of the fish, shrimp and uneaten food. Fish and shrimp require oxygen. Electric powered aerators are expensive and prone to breakdowns. Fish feed is expensive.
Product is a simple and effective solution to keep the ponds clean and to maintain the dissolved oxygen level of the water.
Contains micronutrients required by Diatom Algae in nano size. 5 to 100 nano meters. It contains Si, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, B, S, Mo, etc.
How does it works? - causes a bloom of Diatom Algae. Diatom Algae are aquatic plants that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. Higher oxygen levels in water enable aerobic bacteria to grow and these breakdown organics in the water. Thus product and Diatoms are a substitute for electric powered Aerators used in Aqua farms.