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Oxygen Concentration Controller


High density aquaculture Effective dissolved oxygen increases O2 provide for fish, shrimp, trout, eel, carp, sturgeon, oysters, mussels, sea bass, cod, sea bream, salmon, crabs, shellfish, and other aquatic species for the storage and transportation process. Aquariums. You can replace or reeducir aerators, reducing energy costs. DO residues can be used as fish food. DOSE
Aquaculture Fish Shrimp Oxygen control


Non-toxic, odorless, no pollution Disinfection Good water solubility Good oxygen evolution rate, significantly higher than other chemicals High storage stability Natural properties Saturation dissolved> 9.5 ppm oxygen (parts per million) PH Neutral It prevents illnesses Dissolved oxygen in the water, slowly emerges but has long-term effects. Produce enough oxygen, resulting in a healthy growth performance for aquatic animals. Controls the growth of algae properly

Manufacturer's Description

OD: A measure of oxygen dissolved in the water, usually expressed in ppm (parts per million). The solubility of oxygen in water depends on the temperature: the higher the temperature less oxygen is dissolved.
The (OD), is achieved by diffusion from the surrounding air, the aeration of the water that has fallen on cascades, waterfalls or rapids; and as a waste product of photosynthesis.
The chemical oxygen is generally used for the aquaculture industry, this composition is chemical, the use of this agent in the water, water pH and alkalinity ranges are maintained.
Since the chemical compositions can be harmful to the aquaculture system, the product of art nano-technology is a natural high purity oxygen, achieved by nanotech and dissolved natural oxygen (DO).