Registration Date 13 Feb 2017



Medicine Disinfection



NPD Conjectured


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Livestock Aquaculture


egular cleaning of the washable floor and wall surfaces and the ceramic flooring with Nanosept® helps maintain the hygiene of the given premises, and you can permanently remove mould located in the joints and cracks of the tiles if you use Nanosept® to wash these surfaces. You can disinfect all door handles, handles, airers, taps, etc. using a wiping cloth saturated with Nanosept®. Use Nanosept® to disinfect the toilet bowl, wash basin, sinks and overflow holes and the sewage disposal pipes in order to prevent the transmission of pathogens from these surfaces. It is recommended to clean the toilet bowl from the inside using Nanosept® disinfectant. It is important to clean the bowl under the edges as well! Sterilize smaller objects by submerging them in a detergent solution prepared using Nanosept®. Let Nanosept® have its effects for one or two minutes, then rinse the cleaned objects thoroughly. The cleaning bucket and the mop will be clean if you put diluted Nanosept® as detergent into the bucket and put the mop in as well. Leave the solution for ten minutes, and then rinse with clean water.


Manufacturer's Description

It is recommended to regularly use environmentally friendly detergents containing silver on surfaces where infections may be spread by the touch of the hand, or on surfaces where disinfection is justified or recommended. The fastest and simplest way to achieve this virucide or bactericide effect is to use an aerosol spray.
It is perfect to be used for disinfection purposes in health care, animal health care, in the food industry, in public or educational institutions, in social care homes, sport facilities, beauty saloons, in catering and in your own household.
You can use it to efficiently disinfect tiled surfaces (in the bathroom, kitchen or the toilet), door handles, basins, toilet areas, environment of your pets, washable floor and wall surfaces, equipment, incubators, tanning beds and HVAC equipment.
With the help of Nanosept®, not only can you disinfect cleanly and in a hygienic manner, but quickly as well. Due to the long-lasting effect of Nanosept®, a disinfectant with silver colloids, you can save a lot of time, but it is important to emphasize that you need to keep the appropriate sequence of tasks during cleaning in order to reach hygienic cleanliness.
It is a general fact that pathogens tend to settle in the rooms with water installed, since water found in smaller holes or cavities, the steamy, wet air and stains provide a perfect soil for viruses, fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to regularly clean and disinfect these premises.