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Lameness is a term used to describe impaired locomotion resulting from painful diseases and/or from poor back, leg and feet conditions. It is one of the most common diseases in dairy and very often leads to increased culling rates. Lameness is related to for example poor feed and herd management, as well as metabolic disorders of the cow. Lameness is also strongly related to nutritional deficiencies. In particular, deficient dietary levels of zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt and biotin are commonly related to new incidences of lameness. Lameness, present in nearly 50% of all dairy cows, is a major issue affecting the overall productivity and overall profitability of dairy cattle.FRAmelco have developed FRA® Hoof Health dry: a specific formula containing zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, yeasts and biotin coated in a fat matrix. Feeding this product to cows reduces lameness by improving health of hind legs and claws. » FRA® Easy Zinc and CopperBoth zinc and copper contribute to the cross-linking of keratin, the hard outer surface of the claws making them more resistant to mechanical and physical forces. » FRA® Easy ManganeseManganese contributes to claw health by maintaining proper leg formation. » FRA® Easy CobaltCobalt is essential in the rumen for the synthesis of Vitamin B12, which is required for energy metabolism. Next to that, cobalt promotes the storage of copper in the liver and may interfere with the activity of manganese and zinc » FRA® Easy BiotinBiotin is essential for protein synthesis and the formation of long-chain fatty acids that form the intercellular matrix of claw horn. Biotin supplementation improves the white line structure and strength. » YeastsYeasts are known for their beneficial effect on the immune system. » Medium chain fatty acidsMCFA's are used as a fat coating and are beneficial in the intestines. » Micro-ingredientsAdding a small amount of carefully selected micro-ingredients induces a synergetic effect. FRA® Hoof Health dry is heat stable, environmental friendly, and safe for both animals and humans. FRA® Hoof Health dry allows farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians to have a solution to one of the most common disease syndromes in beef and dairy cows.