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FRA Shrimp Protect liquid


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» Heat stable up to 100°C » Active in GIT and blood stream » Non GMO » Available in liquid form » Available in 25kg cans, 250kg drums, 1000kg IBC, and bulk » Produced in GMP+ certified facilities

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Early Mortality Syndrome in shrimp (EMS) has first been reported in 2009 and has since spread rapidly throughout Asia. In 2013, first outbreaks have been reported in South America. The disease can lead to mortality rates above 80% and annual losses have been estimated at more than $1 billion USD.
The high mortality rate is caused by toxin producing Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria, aecting the intestinal organs of shrimp. Damage to the hepatopancreas leads to the death of the animals, and therefore EMS can also be referred to as Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome (AHPNS). In healthy balanced environments Vibrio paraheamolyticus does not causeany disease. Only when the bacteria are infected by a phage virus will they become aggressive.
Aected shrimp become lethargic, stop eating, show discolouration, so shell, and a reduction of the hepatopancreas. The disease makes shrimp become more susceptible to secondary infections. It is not fully understood why and how EMS/AHPNS develops exactly, making it very diicult to control. It is known that external factors- such as biosecurity, rainfall and water quality- are of great influence on the resilience of the shrimp against EMS/AHPNS development. EMS/AHPNS is a complex problem. Therefore,protecting shrimp against EMS requires a wide-range approach.Based on a patented technology, Framelco developed FRA® Shrimp Protect liquid: a specific formula containing several 1-monoglycerides, carefully selected organic acids and micro-ingredients. Feeding this product to shrimp reduces the infection rate and thereby lowers mortality caused by EMS. » 1-Monoglycerides
Extensive research shows that 1-monoglycerides possess antibacterial, antiviral, and animal performance improving properties.FRA® Shrimp Protect liquid contains 1-monoglycerides of short chain fatty acids to deactivate Vibrio and other gram-negative pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, 1-monoglycerides of medium chain fatty acids are added to deactivate the phage virus and to control the growth of gram-positive pathogenic bacteria.
As a result of the stable molecular structure, 1-monoglycerides are active in the entire gastrointestinal tract and blood stream. Pathogens do not develop resistance against 1-monoglycerides, making this blend a suitable alternative for regular antibiotics.
» Organic acids & micro-ingredients
A synergetic eect is induced by adding a small amount of carefully selected organic acids and micro-ingredients. While the acids enhance the strength of the 1-monoglycerides,