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Manufacturer's Description

Arcavit Amino is a liquid preparation containing vitamins, aminoacids, trace elements, etc. All the nutrients are processed by nano-encapsulation technology. The formulation has been successfully used in intensive farming. Arcavit Amino is a result of researches on modern nutrition, immunology and nano-technology. The product can help the farmer to improve the profitability. Product’s features and descriptions: ARCAVIT Amino is a liquid nutritional supplement designed for large-scale broiler farmers. Improves feed intake, increases daily weight gain and final body weight, improves the health status of birds improving the brightness of feathers and red crown. The use of ARCAVIT Amino in commercial layer farmers can increase the deposition rate, prolong the peak of deposition, and increase recovery from any drop of deposition rate it may occur. Besides, the product can meet the nutritional demand of birds under stress conditions, i.e. heat, beak cutting, transportation, diseases infection, etc. thus enhance immunity and improve production performance. A large number of applications show that use of the product can significantly improve the profit of large-scale farms. Application opportunities, method and dosage: Meat poultry (broiler, geese, ducks, pigeons, quails) rapid weight gain before sales, promote growth and coloring of feathers, crowns and skin, upgrading product’s value. Broilers: dilute 500 cc of Arcavit Amino into add 600 liters of drinking water, and supply for consecutive one week-10 days before sales. Each chicken can increase weight-gain by average 100g-150g. and broilers also have bright feathers and red crown, yellow feet, better look for sales. For layers in order to raise or recover the deposition rate to improve the quality of eggshell: dilute 500ml into 1000-1500 liters of drinking water. Supply for 5-10 days consecutively. For the rehabilitation after drug treatment of any disease: dilute 500ml into 800-1200 liters of drinking water. Supply for 5-10 days consecutively. For the stimulation of bird’s immunity system, as anti- stress and health boosters: dilute 500ml into 600-1000 liters of drinking water. Packing: 500 ml plastic bottle; 48 bottles per carton.