Registration Date 13 Mar 2017

Estelite Flow Quick High Flow


Medicine Dentistry

Restorative Material


Direct anterior and posterior restorations (particularly for small/shallow/tunnel shaped preps) Cavity lining Blocking out cavity undercuts (before fabrication of indirect restorations) Composite/porcelain repair
Dentistry Anterior teeth Posterior teeth


Choice of two viscosities 90 second working time Superior mechanical strengths Very low shrinkage Excellent handling Unit-dose dispensing system is comfortable, quick and easy to load, and offers isolated lining to targeted areas. Optimal radiopacity Quick curing Blending Effect/Wider shade matching range Minimum color change after curing Outstanding esthetics


Manufacturer's Description

ESTELITE FLOW QUICK® (Medium Flow) and ESTELITE FLOW QUICK® HIGH FLOW are universal supra-nano filled flowable resin composites offering a choice of two optimal viscosities. Building on the proven success of Estelite’s spherical filler technology, Estelite Flow Quick® and Estelite Flow Quick® High Flow deliver superior esthetics, ideal handling, excellent polishability and outstanding mechanical strengths.
Estelite Flow Quick® and Estelite Flow Quick® High Flow are the ideal solutions for a wide variety of cases. Polishability, versatility and strength at its finest, Estelite Flow Quick® and Estelite Flow Quick® High Flow are available in both syringe and PLT (pre-loaded tip) dispensing systems.
Delivering exceptional wear resistance, Estelite Flow Quick® contains 71% filler by weight (53% by volume), and Estelite Flow Quick® High Flow contains 68% by weight (49% by volume).