Registration Date 13 Mar 2017

Estelite Omega® Syringe Refills (Individual units, 4g each)


Medicine Dentistry

Dental Composite




Specifically designed for polychromatic restorations (layering) Simple system with only 11 shades Optimal esthetics, by customizing hue, value, and chroma Superb handling for recreation of anatomy Outstanding polishability Exceptional gloss retention Clear Excellent technical properties

Manufacturer's Description

ESTELITE OMEGA® is a polychromatic supra-nano filled composite designed for the latest in layering techniques. Conceptualized and crafted to be specifically used with the next stage in esthetic restorations, Estelite Omega® is 100% spherically filled with afiller weight of 82% (78% by volume).
Developed in collaboration with Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr., world- renowned master in esthetic dentistry, Estelite Omega® comes to you with praise amongst leading and esteemed clinicians. Estelite Omega® provides a full spectrum of opacities, with only 11 shades, for simpler restorative procedures.
A superior composite that emulates nature, Estelite Omega® creates restorations that mimic the opalescence of natural teeth, providing recreation of hue, chroma, and value. Redefining esthetic restorations, Estelite Omega® is the ideal system to showcase your creativity and elevate your art!
Available in: EA1, EA2, EA3, EB1, DA1, DA2, DA3, MILKY WHITE, TRANS, BL1 and BL2