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Registration Date 29 Mar 2017

Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Dentin Shades


Medicine Dentistry

Restorative Material



Manufacturer's Description

All-new EVANESCE™ Nano-Enhanced composite from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® is designed for both simple and complex cases. To EVANESCE means to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away. True to its name, EVANESCE composite blends effortlessly with natural dentition. Formulated with a proprietary process to optimize the refractive index of its unique nano pigments and fillers, you’ll be amazed with its polishability and its ability to disappear or what we call its “evanesce effect”. Truly amazing esthetics can be easily achieved with EVANESCE and its simple technique often requires only a single shade or, in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite.
Beyond beautiful esthetics, EVANESCE exhibits putty like handling. With the assistance of rheological modifiers, EVANESCE adapts during placement and manipulation, yet is absolutely slump-free when you take your instrument or brush away, holding its form until you polymerize. Now you can build the most detailed anatomy or place the thinnest layers, for an infinity edge, with ease.
Truly a universal composite for both anterior and posterior cases, EVANESCE is strong, has low shrinkage (2%), and packs beautifully into Class I and II preparations. EVANESCE is available in multiple VITA shades with three opacity options: Enamel, Universal and Dentin. To further enhance esthetic enamel characterization, we’ve developed three “Enamel FX” Shades: White, Incisal and Clear, as well as two bleach shades.