Registration Date 30 Mar 2017

Nanofiber Plates


Medicine Tissue Engineering Product Number : 0601



Tissue regeneration

Manufacturer's Description


  • 6-Well culture plate.

  • Nanofiber Matrix - 700nm diameter electrospun polycaprolactone (PCL).

  • Aligned fiber matrix (NanoAligned™ , mimics white matter of the brain ), random orientation (NanoECM™,

    mimics native decellularized tissue).

  • NanoHep™increases viability and enzyme expression for hepatocytes.




Nanofiber Solutions products are true 3D cell culture surfaces.

Optically transparent, compatible with light/visible microscopy.

Physical dimensions are compatible with high-throughput and standard lab equipment.

The fibers are made of polycaprolactone (PCL). A biomimetic polymer that resembles soft tissue such as cartilage.

Approximate diameter of the nanofiber polymers are 700nm.

The thickness of the fiber layers on the bottom of the plate is ~20 microns thick.

The polymers will not degrade.

Polymers can be coated with extracellular matrix proteins such as laminin, collagen, fibronectin, poly L-Lysine, ligands, etc. with simple lab protocols.

No special media or reagents are needed for use with our products.

The fiber scaffolds are greater than 90% porous.

Each fiber batch is tested for physical properties, suitability for cell attachment and viability.

Plates are plasma surface treated and ready to use directly out of the package for tissue culture work.

Each plate is ultra violet light, gamma irradiated or e-beam treated and are shipped sterile.

Cells are easily removed using Trypsin-EDTA, or Accutase for passaging or downstream applications.

Batch to batch consistency,

Products are xeno-free.