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Revision Date 21 Apr 2018

Car engine cleaners oil in water nanoemulsion


Automotive Maintenance

Engine Cleaner


This part of oil/water nanoemulions are particularly used for glazing and cleaning automotive parts such as engine, dashboard, body, glass and tire.


This product is alcohol-free oil/water nanoemulsion containing particles with the size less than 100 nm. The DLS result with the pdi equal to 0.223 shows a distribution of particles with 16nm in size. Nanoemulsions have a much higher surface area and free energy than macroemulsions that make them an effective transport system. Nanoemulsions do not show the problems of flocculation, coalescence and sedimentation, which are commonly associated with macroemulsions. Nanoemulsions could enhance the stability of chemically unstable compounds by protecting them from oxidative degradation and degradation by light. They are transparent or translucent dispersions with ultra-low interfacial tension and long-term physical stability.


Manufacturer's Description

Like anything else, engines work better when they're clean. But cleaning an engine is not the same as cleaning the rest of your car. Vehicles complexity of electronic circuits, all demand a change in engine and its electric components cleaning ways. The present product is a water-based car’s engine cleaner that use nanotechnology to clean the pollutant on your car’s engine without using water. This product according to anti-static properties prevent the accumulation of dust on the surface of your vehicle. This product is an alcohol free nanoemulsion which works as a detergent for cleaning and glazing variety of surfaces.