Registration Date 28 Apr 2017

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : Y500-B

Environmental Sensor


Water quality monitoring of dissolved oxygen in streams, rivers, reservoirs, and lakes. · Waste water industry. · Fish farm and aquaculture water quality monitoring. · Food and wine industry. · Scientific laboratory research.
Food industry Agriculture Industrial process water Oxygen control


Easy use, no membrane, no electrolyte. · Long lifetime, maintenance free and less calibration. · No flow dependency and fast response. · Immune to electrical interference, no chemical interference.

Long-term stability

Manufacturer's Description

The dissolved oxygen sensor measurement is based on well-known oxygen fluorescence quenching technology. When oxygen sensing membrane film is excited by blue LED excitation light, the sensing film will emit red emission light. The phase delay between blue excitation and red emission is a function of oxygen concentration present. By measuring the phase delay the dissolved oxygen concentration can be calculated.The sensor is based on optical fluorescence lifetime quenching technique. Its technical procedure meets ASTM D888-09 standard for optical sensing of dissolved oxygen . Small 16 mm design and digital communication capabilities allow you to integrate into various platforms quickly and easily.