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Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-bacterial Paint


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


The paint is designed for use in health care (including the TB clinics and hospitals), kindergartens, educational institutions, the Ministry of Defense buildings (barracks) and the Prisons Department. And as for other places where a large number of people (terminals, stores, stadiums, etc.), animals (poultry farms, fur farms) or manufactured and sold foods. Suitable for apartments, especially children's rooms.
Construction industry


Anti-fungus Anti-septic Durable Antibacterial effect

Manufacturer's Description

Group of companies "WALL" produces antibacterial decorative and protective paint "NANO SILVER KIDS", the modified nanoparticles.
The paint has a pronounced antiseptic properties, bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect, as evidenced by the results of studies in independent laboratories and research institutes.
The paint used for interior and exterior use on concrete, plaster, plasterboard, bricks, wood, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, varnish and old paint.
It made without the use of organic solvents and other hazardous substances, without sharp odor; ready for use; the coating has a pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect; technologically during application; It forms a highly durable and decorative coating resistant to both wet and dry cleaning; tinted easily, it has a high hiding power; It protects the surface from premature aging; high adhesion (adhesion with the base); a vapor permeable ( "breathing") coating; Fire-fighting; environmentally friendly.
Paint "SILVER NANO KIDS» when used for interior decoration is able not only to stop the spread of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, but also to create a durable decorative coating with excellent performance (opacity, whiteness, resistance to washing, etc.) Also , the company "Wall" makes a series of decorative and finishing materials, including facade, interior, decorative plaster, decorative paints, pearlescent, metallic effect, patina, Floquet th Floor, and more that can be applied in modern decoration. All these materials, modified nanoparticles are also available under the brand name "NANO SILVER".