Registration Date 28 Apr 2017

Armodent set


Medicine Dentistry Product Number : 00000008909

Restorative Material




Pins fiberglass "Armodent" izgotovlenyiz woven glass fiber connected methacrylate oligomer of Bis-GMA and reinforced pyrogenic silica. Fiberglass pins allow you to create a secure base for the restoration design. Chemical affinity oligomeric matrix pins to composite materials increases the adhesion and provides monolithic restoration. The pins have the following characteristics: pin modulus of elasticity close modulus of elasticity of the tooth (dentin); Fiberglass provides a redistribution of mechanical load, which reduces the risk of tooth split; translucency of the pin allows to use light-curing materials or dual-cure materials for its fixation; pin transparency allows not mask it with the aesthetic restoration of the tooth. Included in the set of locking cement composite dual-cure "Compofix" and single component adhesive "DentLayt" and provide strong adhesion and lasting marginal fit based on chemical adhesion during the restoration of the anatomic form of the tooth. Etching gel based on organic polymer has an optimal fluidity and completely washed off with water. The gel contains bactericidal substance (benzalkonium chloride) which has mikrobostaticheskoe and microbicidal action on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and Candida, it allows to eliminate possible sensitivity associated with bacterial contamination of the treated tooth surface

Mechanical Resistance Transparency

Manufacturer's Description

Set "Armodent" is intended to restore and enhance tooth crown fiberglass pins after intracanal endodontic treatment (with a slight defect of one of the supragingival tooth walls) and before the prosthesis. Recommended for use immediately after depulpation