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Image Sensor for Automotive Applications


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Package choice is crucial for automotive sensors. The automotive environment is a harsh environment including mechanical stress, temperature cycles, pollutants and moisture. The AEC-Q100 standard is the automotive standard for stress test qualification. This standard defines many rigorous device qualification activities to validate IC design, fabrication process and packaging. We support our customers' growth and strategic goals through the development of innovative packages and modules that satisfy the constantly increasing requirements for higher resolution and more intelligent image sensor systems. We continuously supply our packaged image sensor products at very high levels of quality into the most challenging automotive customers. Preconditioning to simulate solder reflow 260degC (3 times) at MSL3 conditions 1000 Temperature Cycles -50degC .. +150degC Temperature and Humidity Bias: 1000 operating hours at 85degC and 85% relative humidity Autoclave: 96h at 121degC and 100% humidity High Temp. Storage Life: 1000 hours at 150degC Electrostatic Discharge capability

Manufacturer's Description

Today, image sensors are widely used in an ever increasing number of automotive applications. Image sensors are key components of a modern automotive, and to meet the automotive industry's strict requirements, the image sensor need to be robust, high performing and low cost. Continuous effort for improving robustness in every step of imaging sensor development has allowed image sensors to be used in safety critical automotive applications. This is achieved by considering automotive requirements in all steps of image sensor chip development.