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Motion Sensing


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Motion Sensing


Ultra-thin module height Small form factor (X,Y,Z) Performance enhancement Standard SMT assembly Enables 3D stacking Compatible with reflowable wafer-level cameras Available in both cavity and non-cavity formats, and lead and lead-free bumps format JEDEC Level II & III moisture sensitivity

Manufacturer's Description

China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd. has developed the world's smallest HCSP™ (Hermetic Chip Size Package) technology.HCSP™ is a breakthrough, innovative, reliable and cost-effective wafer level MEMS sensors packaging technology that allow 50% reduction in size, enabling a new generation of mobile consumer products including phones, tablets, toys and wearable devices.HCSP™ solution also includes wafer level through silicon interconnect, hermetic sensor encapsulation and many other sophisticated sensor packaging related technologies.HCSP™ is the smallest MEMS sensor packaging technology currently available. The HCSP™ innovative concept offers exceptional reliability, unmatchable sensor functionality and performance than any other existing solutions. The HCSP™ solution also enables the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the MEMS sensor manufacturers to innovate novel mobile electronics that are much lower profile, thinner and more sophisticated that ever before.Compliance with JEDEC Level 2 & 3 moisture sensitivity requirements makes this exciting new technology suitable for most of consumer products.The technology uses a breakthrough, cavity glass silicon sandwich structure that enables hermetic encapsulation of sensor. To create the structure, China WLCSP encapsulates the wafer with a hermetic cover, creates the Through Silicon Interconnects, and routes the electrical contacts, forms solder bumps on the wafer backside and singulates the wafer into an individually packaged die. This packaging process delivers small form factor and exceptionally high reliability. By ensuring the die is fully protected from enviromental condictions from the first stage, it also enhances yield for manufacturers.