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Silver-like Optical Films & Papers


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


printing and packaging industries. A wide range of both transfer and laminating films with special heat, alkali and solvent resistant properties are available for different applications. In many cases, the film provides a direct subsitute for conventional metallised materials
Printing Optics Packaging

Manufacturer's Description

We produces a variety of security films from conception to realization and distribution with full services for the customers, and  has the complete R&D facilities and mass-production lines for customized metal layer films, silver-like  optical films with special 3D patterns, and holographic diffractive films with own patents.The capacity of manufacturing is more than 15 million meters per month. All optical films have already satisfied the national environment protection standards,and adopted ISO 9001: 2000 Certification. 
The advanced manufacturing & testing facilities allow for fast and effective R&D, and provide customers not only cost-effective products but also complete security solutions.
 Work flow: comstomers asks questions - we reply answers - customer provides the design and requirements of printing - send us the files - we design the patterns with technology support solution - response for customer’s opinions - modifying the designs - sampling - confirmation 
Technology flow: design - which technologies applied - mastering according to the design - make the evolution of the technique solution and optical effects - modifying the design and technologies -- mastering again - finishing Description: Highly specialised holographic transferring films for applications to laminating films for conversion to papers.RHP satisfies the industrial standard of environment protection for printing. The film contains the register holograms with 158dpi-1270 dpi resolution. Holographic transferring films has the precision accuracy of 0.3mm for registerhologram papers PET films : 15-18um;