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High Rate Micro-Pattern Generator: iGrapher series


Electronics Laser



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Manufacturer's Description

iGrapher series are the UV laser pattern generator, either for micro-structure of mask preparations, or  for micro-nano-lithography. It has installed the functional optical heads, applied with spatial light modulator(SLM) technology to support the micro-patterning lithography, and phase light modulation with the interference technology to write directly the nanoscale period structures.  

The almost outdated pattern generators use a system of raster scan technology, which are common today. These systems use a focused laser beam to write arbitrary microstructures with minimum features sizes down to 0.5um on almost any resist materials. The e-Beam lithography(EBL) is an important method for writing nanoscale structures, but at  a very slow writing speed and a high cost of ownership. For structures as small as 0.25um, the latest method is to use the parallel patterning of SLM technology and phase light modulation technology offering a very high resolution, image quality and throughput. The SLM technology applied in iGrapher is the basis of a new photomask pattern generation technology that is fundamentally different from traditional AOM technologies. The SLM technology unites laser -beam productivity with e-beam-like high-resolution, creating a powerful photomask pattern generator with the potential to extend through many generations of technology.Hybroid lithography: Using the unique SLM & PLM(phase light modulation) technologies in the optical head,  iGrapher can easily write 2D patterns or more complicated grayscale patterns from 10um to 100nm in one time shooting with fantastic short time comparing to the e-beam lithography. To write high quality micro-structures down to line widith of 1um with 0.1um resolution,  the iGrapher, the Maskless UV Laser Patterning System, is most likely the right choice. It eliminates the turnaround time needed for the mask making process and makes it quick and easy to adjust a prototype design.  The 100nm feature size can be achieved with iGrapher interference system on the large size substrates under the wavelength 351nm.  Smaller feature size of 65nm can be obtained by using DUV wavelength of 248nm.By using iGrapher's Beam Tile Flash Patterning( BTFP) mode, it takes less than 0.5 hours for 6" wafer patterning of 0.1um resolution for integrated circuit masks, and 0.2 hours in the high speed mode. That is the industry-leading exposure rate, extremely fast!
The large format mask can be written by the iGrapher820. It takes about  from 2 hours  to 15 hours to pattern the circuit masks of 27 inch with different resolutions of the micro-structures on the photoresist plates The iGrapher of advanced optical design has overcome the deficiencies of the EBL and EUVPL at fast writing speed with the convenience and flexibility of pattern generation on the large substrate. The iGrapher has also eliminated the proximity effect of the graphics and can support multiple-level grayscale exposure and interference lithography. The wonderful flexible micro-and nano structure writing capabilities makes the iGrapher the ultimate lithographic research and development tool for the mask, MEMS, ITO patterns, LED chips, diffractive optical element, grating, Binary phase component, photonic crystal, nano-array, bio-chips, and OLED.