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SVG Optronics is a world -wide leader in the precision photomask writing system, the holographic mastering system and lighg guide plate molding system . The iEngraver is an advanced molding system for large format light guide plates with the hot-embossing technology. The micro-structure pattern  on the embossing moulds  for light guide plates from small sizes to large format, can be fabricated with the latest systems and  technologies in iEngraver.
 With the several years R&D acitivities, the excellent engineers and facilities make the iEngraver, the molding system, achieve the high quality and powerful performances. The efficiency to prepare the molds of large format is high with iEngraver, which is very important for the customer’s marketing. The origination of embossing-molds  made by iEngraver has the high industrial standard for mass-production due to our long term industrial experiences in the mass-production of ultra-thin light guide plates.
The advanced manufacturing & testing facilities allow for fast and effective R&D, and provide customers not only cost-effective products but also complete solutions. The capacity of manufacturing moulds for light guide plates and laser engraving systems is adopted ISO 9001: 2000 Certification.
Please to refer to: Ultra-thin light guide plates     work flow: ask -- answer -- customer provide the design and requirements of printing -- files -- SVG designs the patterns with technology support solution -- asking customer’s opinions -- revising -- sampling -- asking -- modifying the design -- sampling again -- settling 
Technology flow: design - which technologies applied - molding and mastering according to the design - make the evolution of the technique solution and optical effects - modifying the design and technologies -- mastering again - finishing Specifications  of iEngraver
Type 1: 15.6"; TypeII: 42"; TypeIII: 65"Dot Size: 80um – 30umMaterial: Nickel ,StrainlessGreen Laser 10W~ 20WLinear motor drivernPosition Accuracy: 100nmGranite Stage and Platform Full technologies supportOptical Design supportHot enbosing technology supportmolding technology support