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Active matrix optical security film


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Active Matrix Optical Security(AMOS) film, the next generation security technology, has been investigated after many years  for high-level security documents, currency and brandname by SVG Optronics.
点击查看456x304原始图片...One example of AMOS patterns with 3D depths and kinetic effects has bee shown as following.
One unique feature of the AMOS technology is that the pattern-movement-direction is cross opposite to the movement of the film. Look at the background of logo in the above movie, the "OK" and "square" is move in the opposite directions veritcally when the logo moves horizontally.The  important factors affecting the security level of the device are its difficulty, visiblity, if or not it is cost-effective and could be mass produced.
1. The tehnologies for fabricating the AMOS is extremely strict in the nano-accuracy, sub-micron resulotion of the highest level in micro-nano lithograophy, flexbile nano-imprinting and measurement.  The principle for AMOS kinetic effects is total different from that in holograms. It is too difficult to be understood and cannot be copied.
2. The AMOS has also the excellent visibility in any light conditions with no need to tools. The optical kinetic effect in the designed pattern can be easily seen  and distinguished under any light conditions, just with naked-eyes.
3. With the state of the art, SVG Optronics has established the capbilities to design and fabricate the AMOS logo, packaging, strip and other applications. The production line to manufacture the Active Matrix Optical Security film has been bulit in the new factory.
These are is the reasons that the AMOS will become the top optical security solution with ease visible, strong 3D, unique opposite movement kinetic effects.
Specifications of AMOS films
Thickness: 35um - 100umRoller: up to width 450mm x length 1000mPatterns and kinetic effects: customized designColors: one or two