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(Silicon on Insulator) SOI Waf


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Most commonly used in MEMS and advanced CMOS integrated circuit fabrication, SOI wafers provide a manufacturing solution which helps reduce power and heat while increasing the speed performance of a device. SOI wafers are a three layer material stack composed of the following: Active layer of prime quality silicon (DEVICE LAYER) over a buried layer(BOX) of electrically insulating silicon dioxide, over a bulk silicon support wafer (HANDLE). SOI wafers are unique products which are custom built for specific end-user applications. SICREAT offers two types of SOI: Thick Film and Thin Film.
Specifications:Thick Film                                                                      Thin FilmMaterial: Silicon                                                              Material: SiliconWafer Diameter: 76.2mm (3”) to 200mm (8”)                  Wafer Diameter: 150mm (6”), 200mm (8”)Type/Dopant: N or P                                                       Type/Dopant: N or PDevice Layer Thickness: >1.5um                                    Device Layer: >20nm (0.02um)
    Cz and Fz grown silicon SOI    Single side polish and double side polish    Prototype and production volumes    Consistent, reliable production supply line    Competitive pricing    Excess inventory