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Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine


Electronics Laser

Laser Welding Machine


It can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other steels, aluminum, copper and brass, tin, titanium, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, etc. Application Fields: This kind of laser welding machine has been widely used in 3C industry, IC industry, Kitchen and bathroom industry, Electronic motors industry, Automotive industry, Battery industry, Solar energy industry, Building industry, Machinery industry, Hardware, Glasses and watches, Jewelries, etc.

Manufacturer's Description

1. Little thermal influenced areas, high beam quality, good welding spot quality, which can get fine welding effects and meet     customers various kinds of precision requirement. 2. It has great welding speed. According to different welding materials, you can change the welding speed through related     parameters to get more perfect welding results. 3. More flexible welding range. With fiber transmission cable can make welding more flexible and more convenient, no need to move     the work pieces during the welding. 4. Operating conveniently. Touch screen displaying make changing the laser frequency, current, pulse width easily and conveniently     to get the ideal welding effects. 5. Energy feedback monitoring system or current feedback monitoring system ensures good welding quality. 6. CCD observing system. It can magnify 20 times of the welding zone, clearly be observed by the operator. 7. With good quality of Mitsubishi SI/GI fiber, ensuring no energy losses and the high beam quality.  8. Long working life and almost no need for maintenance, just changing the wearing parts, like Xenon lamp, lens, etc. 9. We can design special fixtures to meet your welding work pieces, make your customized laser welding machine practical and     economical.