Registration Date 30 Apr 2017

Fiber Transmission Galvanometer Laser Welding Machine


Electronics Laser

Laser Welding Machine


It can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other steels, aluminum, copper and brass, tin, titanium, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, etc. Application Fields: This kind of laser welding machine has been widely used in 3C industry, IC industry, Kitchen and bathroom industry, Electronic motors industry, Automotive industry, Battery industry, Solar energy industry, Building industry, Machinery industry, Hardware, Glasses and watches, Jewelries, etc.

Manufacturer's Description

1. It adopts two routes transmission, one laser welding machine can work with two stations at the same time, every station can get     half of the laser power (Maximum share 4 routes transmission).2. Galvanometer makes the laser beam can move within a certain range, especially for electronic components welding.3. Little maintenance. You just need to change some wearing parts to keep its normal working.4. Cost efficiency. The laser welding machine just needs one operator to handle with the two stations, saving the labor cost and     improving efficiency.5. High welding speed.6. Long working lifetime.7. Small heat affected zone, with little distortion for work pieces.