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Unbent Optics Laser Welding Machine


Electronics Laser

Laser Welding Machine


This laser welding machine can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other steels, aluminum, copper and brass, tin, titanium, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, etc. Application Fields: This laser welding machine has been widely used in 3C industry, IC industry, Kitchen and bathroom industry, Motors industry, Automotive industry, Battery industry, Solar energy industry, Building industry, Machinery industry, Hardware, Glasses and watches, Jewelries, Mould industry, etc.

Manufacturer's Description

1. In comparison with other welding machines, this laser welding machine has high welding speed, great welding depth, little     deformation for work pieces because it is a contact-free processing method.2. The working table of this laser welding machine adopts stepping motor driving, which has good dynamic movement and realizes     two dimensions electric movement, X. Y. axis. And in the vertical direction, manual operations to change the welding table or     moving driven by servo motor and ball screw. In addition, we can provide rotating motor for your round welding products.3. This unbent optics laser welding machine adopts Xenon-pump as laser pumping source, Nd:YAG as laser working medium, the     resonator mirror, half resonator mirror and the gold plating cavity as the resonator cavity.4. This laser welding machine applies the famous SUNRISE chiller to get better water cooling effects.5. Using the CCD monitoring system is rather direct and convenient to observe the current welding status.(Optional)6. LCD, Taiwan ADVANTECH host and powerful software systems make the machine easily operate.7. In order to get ideal welding effects, you can conveniently operate by changing the current, pulse width, pulse frequency, etc welding     parameters.8. This laser welding machine can work well under normal temperature and other special conditions, such as vacuum, atmosphere,     some special gaseous environment. Particularly, the laser beam can realize welding through glass and other transparent     materials. 9. Only little maintenance, just need to change some wearing parts.10. Long working life and energy saving.11. We can design special fixtures and clamps to fit your welding work pieces, make practical and economical laser welding machine for your specific requirements.