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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


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Fiber laser cutting machine suits to cut sheet metal, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, brass, etc.
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Manufacturer's Description

"1. This laser cutting machine adopts Germany IPG fiber laser sources with gantry structure design, imported high precision line     guide rack, and makes the machine tool stable transmission and high cutting precision. It can integrate exchange working table     to realize cutting and loading simultaneously, greatly improving the machine efficiency.2. Machine tool body adopts entire welding structure, rough processing after annealing, then make vibratory stress relief, which could     completely eliminate the welding and processing stress. The machine structure has rigidity, high precision and no distortion for     long time working. 3. Crossbeam is constructed by aluminum alloy, with two times high temperature annealed rough processing, and then vibration     ageing, high fine machine-shaping afterwards. High rigidity, light weight, good dynamics. 4. X. Y. Z axis all adopts originally imported large torque servo motor, with high precision, high rotating speed, large torque, big inertia,     stable properties and durable, ensuring the high working speed and accelerating ability of whole machine. 5. The beam of machine tool is made up of aluminum alloy integral casting, rough processing after two times annealing, then make     vibratory stress relief, which contribute to the beam having good rigidity, light weight, high dynamic performance. 6. X. Y. Z axis uses original imported torque servo motor, having high precision, high rotating speed, great torque, big inertia, stable     and durable performance, ensuring the high working speed     and accelerating ability of whole machine. 7. Based on the WINDOWS operating system, the PA8000 CNC system is used as the special CNC system of fiber laser cutting     machine. It integrates kinds of special function modules for laser cutting control, possessing powerful function, friendly interface     and easy operation. 8. FASTCAM nesting software is the core technology of realizing all-time cutting, high efficiency cutting and high nesting rate cutting for     CNC cutting machines. It is the essential guarantee that it can save cutting materials and improve cutting efficiency. 9. Laser cutting head is originally imported from Germany PRECITEC, which is a professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutting     head and capacitive sensor. It has high sensing precision, quick reaction, stable and reliable performance. 10. Imported high precision electric proportional valve accurate control the cutting auxiliary gas pressure to get optimum cutting       effects. The electric proportional valve is more accurate and convenient than manual valve. "