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YAG Laser Cutting Machine


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YAG laser cutting machine suits to cut sheet metal, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, brass, etc.
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Manufacturer's Description

"1. Good beam quality, high efficiency of electricity-optical conversion ( about 80% percent higher than other similar machine in China),     good reliability, and long-term stability, quick processing speed, high efficiency, good economic returns, small slot, smooth cutting     surface.2. Apply a wide range for: <6mm thickness stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, alloy aluminum, gold, silver, copper,     titanium etc many kind metal material and tube.3. Software compatibility well, which can edit a variety of texts, images etc. 4. Good flexibility: Focus following design, even if the surface is not plain, to ensure the quality of cutting. Both sheet plates and tubes     can be cut, any figures can be processed.5. Auto focus when cutting Beautiful and tidy kerf, no need processing after cutting. 6. Good cutting quality: No touch cutting, little heat-efficiency and no hurt to the parts, no deformation. Cutting edges are very smooth,     no need processing again.7. High cutting precision: suitable for precision parts cutting, drilling and metal letters cutting, decorate pattern cutting.8. Faster cutting speed: the max cutting speed can reach 4500mm/min.9. Wide breadth cutting area: 1500x3000mm. We also can do other breadth according to demand.10. Lower cost, it needn’t the moulds: You can cut any image which draw in the computer. No need mould, no need repair mould,       save more time and down the processing cost, suitable for big size product cutting.11. Material can be saved a lot: software can design several different shape images together and can save the material. 12. Fast investment recovery: 90% Gross profit, to processing income of USD500-USD600/day, it can get back the investment within       half a year."