Registration Date 30 Apr 2017

LSAC60-40 * 50-P formaldehyde clean cotton


Environment Air Remediation



LSAC60-40 * 50-P clean cotton formaldehyde in addition to aldehyde cotton filters can effectively remove formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and other aldehydes oct harmful substances and their volatiles. Natural environmental protection: environmentally friendly, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic secondary pollution Efficient removal: 30mg / 30m³ clearance rate 94.1% / h national certification authority All day care: no light, at night can continue to remove harmful substances Any deformation: can be folded, bending, cutting, crushing does not affect the results
Air purification

Manufacturer's Description

Use of the environmentAmbient temperature: LSAC60-40 * 50-P formaldehyde clean cotton This product may be placed -10-80 ℃ environmentsAmbient humidity: This product can be placed in 20% -90% RH environmentplace of useLSAC60-40 * 50-P formaldehyde clean cotton car purifiers, air purifiers, air system, automatic climate control, air circulation fan and all occasionsNotes1. sealed 2. The reaction layer to avoid contact with the metal material 3. The product after 2-6 months, in order to ensure clear results, please change 4. Keep out of the reach of children, touch Please immediately washed with water 5. Clear the high concentration of aldehydes gas 5ppm / 1m³, it will shorten the life of the material 6. after long-term use products, will produce a slight yellowing of environmental substances, it is a normal phenomenon 7. product formaldehyde after capture , Will have some of the slight viscosity of the environmentally friendly liquid, is a normal phenomenon