Registration Date 30 Apr 2017

LSAC60-40 * 50-C formaldehyde clean cotton


Environment Air Remediation



LSAC60-40 * 50-C clean cotton formaldehyde air purifiers, air conditioners, automotive purification, fresh air system, air conditioning, fans and other household appliances have air conditioning function and various types of air purification products
Air purification Household


Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturer's Description

LSAC60-40 * 50-C formaldehyde clean cotton This product is not traditional physical adsorption principle, instead of using the compound works in the air formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, Xin aldehydes such harmful gases rapid decomposition, no secondary reaction green Contaminated material. This product can be used in new homes, new cars and maternity rooms, baby rooms and other aldehydes can be a serious hazard to human health sites widely used. This product can be flexibly loaded in air purifiers, air conditioning, car purification, fresh air systems, air conditioning fans and other air conditioning with the functions of household appliances and various types of air purification products. Performance characteristics
LSAC60-40 * 50-C formaldehyde clean cotton product can effectively remove formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and other aldehydes oct harmful gases. Natural environmental protection: environmentally friendly, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic secondary pollution Efficient removal: 30mg / 30m ³ clearance rate of 94.1% / h national certification authority All day care: no light, at night can continue to remove harmful substances Any deformation: can be folded, bending, cutting, crushing does not affect the results