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"The TransPlay™ Laser Projector System is capable of displaying animated logos, line art and vector graphics on the MediaGlass transparent graphic screen. Graphics are visible in any in-door lighting and most outdoor environments. Using a standard ILDA (International Laser Display Association) interface, the system is compatible with laser show controllers from Pangolin, Riya, and many more. Our TransPlay™ product uses the film and a blu-ray laser projector to create advertising on store windows. After installing the self-adhesive film on the window and the projector on the ceiling or floor, stores can display messaging across large window surfaces. Text, logos, and even animations as long as two hours are programmed onto a USB drive, which is then plugged into the TransPlay™ laser projector. TransPlay is our professional kit that has display ability to present sharp 3D effect Logos, images, line art motion picture, data, information, number displays and multiple images related line art displays. The film is made with our patented emissive nanoparticle. Please note that our film doesn’t work by itself . It works with our customer developed projector(s) and must be purchased in a kit. Volume discount available. "



Manufacturer's Description

"Custom built laser projector with specific sized film and accessories such as software, XD Card, cable and other if applicable. It has IR Safety Sensor and is CE/UL certified. 
Film is water-clear (with/without adhesive/UV) and are avlaible in single color Blue, single color Red, single color White or dual color Red and Blue or 3 color Red, Blue and Green. Film width or height is White 29"", Red & Blue 29""/60"" and Blue 60"" and has unlimited length. Options to substitute with larger film is also available. Please contact one of our sales associates to give you more information on pricing at  [email protected]  or (510) 651 -1329.
 Technical Feature
Laser Projector Specifications/Featuresline art
• Size: 300*250*100 mm; Weight: ~3 lbs• Laser (405 nm) power output: < 160 mW• Speed of scanning x-y mirror: 30K Hz• Built-in XD card reader to play content• IR safety sensor; Overheat protection• USB connection to PC, software included• CE/UL certified Holographic Projection Screen
Display Screen Specifications:
• Base: PET Film with light emitting materialsLineart Hello• Thickness: 50 to 60 microns• Size: Width: up to 60 inch, unlimited length• Clarity: >99%, Haze: <1%• UV absorption: >99%• Hard coating and adhesive liner available• Screen indoor shelf life: >3 years• No laser speckles from fluorescent screen"