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Electronics Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED Lighting


Suitable for most indoor lighting applications, such as: Family, Hotels, Restaurants, Public bars, Cafes, Supermarkets, Shopping malls and other places of lighting.
Shopping centers Hotel Restaurant

Manufacturer's Description

1.Patent of unique shape design is granted.2.With superb heat conducting material, the delicate internal structure and thermal design can dissipate heat swiftly and effectively, reduce the luminous decay greatly, so that to ensure a long span life and a stable quality for the product.3.An independent optical design, reflective films with high purity between leds, specially designed diffusion cover and reflective cup, making the light soft and raising the light energy utilization greatly. A built-in self-designed constant power supply with a wide range input voltage, high efficiency, low heat and safe, stable performance helps the whole light stand a voltage of more than 4000V.4.The Ultrasonic welding mould is applied to connect the diffusion cover and the reflective cup. This tight structure brings out great waterproof and dustproof function.5.Dimmable bulb is available, which can be applied to almost all the indoor lighting systems and outdoor lighting environment with rain cover.6.Less current energy losses and no pollution to the power grid. PF≥0.9, harmonic distortion  ≤20% . EMI meets global standard, decreasing the current energy losses on the electric wiring and preventing the high frequency pollution to the power grid.7.Light efficiency≥90lm/W (non-dimming/Cool white), multiple ccts for choice, excellent color rendering.8.Environment friendly. Free of harmful metals like mercury and lead. No glare, UV or IR radiation.