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Cramp Body


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Products are mainly used in the defence industry machinery and hardware, consumer electronics, automotive marine parts, medical equipment, household appliances, electrical use parts, etc.
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Manufacturer's Description

1,Production according to the customer’s drawing or sample.2,The technology we use to prepare the metal composite materials components shortens the productioncycle, decreases the cost, and combines the advantages of both ceramic and metal. This technologyovercomes the traditional powder metallurgy technology of which products present low-density, a nonuniform texture, low mechanical properties, and does not allow an easy moulding of thin-walled andcomplex structures, etc… Our technology is particularly suitable for high-volume performances,complex geometry and special requirements metal composite materials components. By adjusting thecomposition and proportion of raw materials, we can obtain a variety of pieces thanks to theflexibility of the metal or alloy and ceramic materials. In addition, materials can be cut, welded,riveted, and electroplated, to obtain products of high-density and non-porous. Then, coating insuresa uniform colour. The addition of nano-ceramic powder in the materials makes the products resistantto salt spray, high-temperature and humidity, fungus, wear, etc… It strengthens the wholeperformance of the materials