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Transparent conductive film


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Transparent conductive film


The product can be used in touch screen, electronic paper, LCD, OLED and photovoltaic industry and so on. Main raw materials: base material (flexible: PET, PI, PC ... .; Rigid: glass, ceramic ...); silver nanowires; suspending agents;"
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Manufacturer's Description

With the electronic equipment toward the miniaturization, the direction of the continuous development of intelligent, flexible transparent conductive electrode (Flexible Transparent Conductive Film) has aroused great interest. Flexible transparent conductive electrodes (FTCFs) not only meet the high visible light transmittance but also maintain very low surface resistance, usually require visible light average transmittance greater than 80%, resistivity below 10-3 Ωcm. And we know that transparency means that the material has a bandgap width greater than 3.1 eV and that the free electrons are as small as possible; on the other hand, the conductive means that the material needs to have a large amount of free electrons and a similar metal, which is opaque. Only materials that meet both conditions can be used as conductive elements for transparent conductive films. Transparent and conductive in theory is a contradiction.The R & D team of the Company has chosen the appropriate conductive primitives to optimize the preparation of the conductive elements, and the flexible transparent conductive electrode with excellent performance is prepared. The electrode in addition to maintaining good conductivity and light transmission, but also has many unique advantages, such as flexible, light weight, easy to break, easy to large area production, easy to transport and so on.