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Light guide plate


light guide plates thin light box is inspired by the LCD TV, LCD TV backlight technology reference, developed a new type of advertising carrier (the industry called ""light box"", I think that in fact it is not a box, called "" Luminous advertising billboard ""more appropriate), its characteristics are as follows: 1, beautiful appearance, its thickness is generally less than 3 cm, to maximize the utilization of space, beautify the environment, broaden the scope of application. 2, bright light completely flat output, and almost perfect uniform, completely put an ordinary light box common light and dark light marks. Its excellent optical properties in addition to widely used in public places, but also to expand its precision display, photography and medical see films, research, high standards of lighting and other high-tech applications, the effect can be comparable to the LCD monitor. 3, it is another commendable advantage is energy saving, due to the use of advanced light guide plate lighting technology, power consumption is only with the screen area of ​​ordinary light box 23%. To 1M2 screen area light box 10 hours per day electricity consumption, ordinary light box annual consumption of nearly 900 degrees, ultra-thin light box annual power consumption is only 200 degrees, saving 77%, only the year to save electricity to recover the investment. 4, ultra-thin light box with a special high-brightness high-quality fluorescent tube average life of 8,000 hours or more; dedicated cold cathode lamp average life of 15,000 hours or more. The life of the lamp used in the ultra-thin light box is 5 to 10 years of service life of the ordinary lamp. Significant savings in maintenance life. 5, ultra-thin light box widely used imported high-quality aluminum alloy open the overall frame structure, equipped with mobile hook or hanging hole, so that light box installation and screen replacement is simple, fast, labor, time, money. Company Profile Address by President Structure of company company culture News Center Corporate News Industry News Products Products Workshop machine Honor Qualification ISO qualification Careers Talent strategy recruitment
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    light guide plate design principles from the laptop LCD screen, is the line light source into the surface of the high-tech products. Optical grade acrylic (PMMA) / PC as the substrate, the use of LCD display and notebook computer backlight module technology, through the light guide point of high light conductivity, the computer on the light guide point calculation, the light guide plate light Reflected surface light source are light state manufacturing molding. Products using the principle of spectral analysis and digital UV printing technology combined in constant temperature, humidity, clean environment from the production. With ultra-thin, bright, light guide uniform, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark area, durable, easy to yellow, simple and quick installation and maintenance features. 
Classification    by the shape of the plate: light guide plate from the light point of view for the rectangle. Wedge plate: also known as inclined plate, from the light point of view for the side of the thick side of the thin wedge (triangle) shape.     According to the dot printing: light guide plate to complete the shape processing, the printing method will be printed on the reflective surface, and is divided into IR and UV two. Non-printing: the network in the light guide plate forming directly in the reflective surface. It is divided into chemical etching (Etching), precision mechanical characterization (V-cut), light microscopy (Stamper), internal diffusion.     In accordance with the light into the light side: the luminous body (lamp or LED) placed on the side of the light guide plate. Straight type: Place the luminous body (lamp or LED) below the light guide plate.     Press molding Injection molding: The injection molding machine of optical grade PMMA particles using high-temperature, high-pressure injection molding mold cooling. Cutting Forming: optical grade PMMA raw sheet after cutting process to complete the finished product. Features    can be arbitrarily cut into the required size, you can also use the stitching, the process is simple, easy to produce;     high light conversion rate (more than 30% higher than the traditional board), light uniformity, long life can be used for more than 8 years, Environmental protection, durable and reliable indoor and outdoor are applicable; the     same area luminous brightness case, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption;     can be made into shaped, such as round, oval, arc, triangle, etc .; the     same brightness, you can use more Thin products, cost savings;     can use any light source, point line light source to do surface light source conversion, light source, including LEDCCFL (cold cathode lamp), fluorescent tubes and so on. The design    uses the laser network program, has     the following characteristics : 1, combined with different acrylic materials, different use of the way, both can be uniform and uniform laser network layout, can also be based on different specifications and use of different sizes of network layout The So that the common and exclusive of the perfect unity.     2, light guide more uniform, even up to 90% or more.     3, the effective use of the surrounding small point of dense reflection, the middle point of the ""twist"" function, there is no obscure and ""black hole."" And can produce special effects. "