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Diffusion plate


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Diffusion plate


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"Diffusion film is one of the components of the backlight module, diffuser board (Diffuser) also called it diffusion film, the main function for the display to provide a uniform surface light source. Substrates need to select materials with high light transmittance such as PET / PC / PMMA. In general, the diffusion film is mainly composed of chemical particles in the diffusion film substrate, as the scattering particles, and the existing diffusion plate of its particles dispersed in the tree finger layer, so the light through the diffusion layer Will continue to re-two different refractive index through the medium, at the same time there will be a lot of light refraction, reflection and scattering phenomenon, thus causing the effect of optical diffusion.     The structure of the diffusion sheet is usually an antistatic coating layer, a PET substrate, and a diffusion layer from the bottom to the top. "