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PET protective film


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PET protective film




Transparency Strength Oxygen Barrier

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"Product Overview:PET protective film material     PET material is in the early 70s by the United States DuPont developed, initially used mainly for industrial areas, such as we see today's Coca-Cola plastic bottle is PET material. Uses: mobile phones and other electronic products, surface protection, glass surface protection, anti-ultraviolet, and so on. PET film material development    because PET material with light weight, high strength, transparency and good gas barrier, non-toxic, tasteless, etc., to obtain rapid development. Since the 90's since the production and application of plastic packaging materials as mushroomed development, and then with the touch technology is mature, PET material will naturally use a variety of liquid crystal display, that is, today's PET protective film!     PET is the name of polyethylene terephthalate, which is produced by condensation polymerization of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. PET protective film material properties    PET protective film material is transparent colorless, the surface after the hardening treatment, according to Enji Protective Film Materials Co., Ltd. to provide information, the general PET protective film material according to the origin of the surface hardening value in the 3H- 4H, the better the surface hardening, the stronger the wear resistance. Transmittance is also the main property of PET protective film material, the general light transmittance of 90% or more, higher transmittance not only in the use of the relevant instruments when we have a good visual effect, and the eyes have a good The protective effect. Currently on the market, Japan PET protective film material is relatively good, followed by Taiwan, South Korea again. PET protective film materials    in the form of protective film materials company to do research, the staff showed me: high permeability, frosted, diamonds, anti-glare, radiation, anti-fingerprint, mirror and other PET protective film material. It is learned that is now developing a 3D naked eye protective film material, mainly in watching 3D movies with 3D effects!"