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The design goal of the system is to realize the warehouse from the goods storage, shelves, replenishment, transfer, inventory, quality inspection, picking, delivery of goods. And other logistics process tracking and effective management, the use of the Internet, radio, electronic shelf labels, picking electronic shelf labels, picking labels, bar code recognition and mobile data collection and many other advanced logistics technology and equipment to improve the warehouse operations Gymnastics degree of automation, to strengthen the warehouse goods in the reservoir area, shelves in the reservoir area positioning accuracy, greatly improve the efficiency of first-line operating personnel, saving operating costs.

Intelligent medical treatmentHan Lang intelligent medical management solutions to provide medical picking, drug management, digital pharmacy a series of intelligent display, positioning, reminder, monitoring and management. According to the needs of the application, with the management software and intelligent terminal, you can very easily and accurately to achieve massive data collection, display, maintenance and management, and according to the application of different places to provide additional convenient features such as reminders, , Anti-UV and so on.

Industry customization Han Lang integration of three major functions: display, positioning, communication technology solutions, easy to achieve cross-industry variety of solutions.1, Han Lang special liquid crystal display technology, to achieve a variety of custom specifications2, with a variety of standard display bar code, or integrated NFC and other identification functions to facilitate the use of standard bar code guns, PAD and other handheld intelligent terminal equipment for scanning identification.3, built-in proprietary RF communication module, accurate and fast with the system two-way communication, support based on proprietary RF wireless automatic identification technology.