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Smart glass


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Smart glass



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To improve the indoor visual space, fun, state switching operation is simple, to protect personal privacy; wet, mist weight, Priview dimming glass in the transparent, frosted state switch between the need for continuous power supply, not only save electricity, water, moisture, high temperature maintenance The characteristics can also reduce a lot of security risks (such as short circuit, leakage, etc.)
Office partitionOffice, conference room, bank and other applications, easy to switch space privacy, anti-jamming performance, switch to the matte state can be used as projection curtain wall, Priview dimming glass can effectively protect the carpet, wallpaper, art and other decorations subject to light Produce fading phenomenon; stable performance, long service life.
Building doors and windows Priview dimming glass can effectively protect the carpet, wallpaper, art and other ornaments by the lighting fade phenomenon; both electronic curtains and projection screen of the curtains Function, easy to clean, maintenance-free; safe and energy-saving, and can be advertised to attract the eye, add high-grade building intelligent elements. 
Dimming curtain wallHan Lang Priview dimming curtain wall for construction, exhibition, smart home and other applications, both dimming partition and projection curtain wall function, full sense of science and technology, add intelligent elements. And stable performance, long service life.