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Edge fortified glue


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ECE-3 belongs to nano-organic polymer materials, by the common force and the United States Corning joint development, this nano-glue can penetrate into the cracks in the glass burr, and through its own curing in the glass surface cross-linking reaction, So as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the edge of the glass. OGS products also apply, can play a very good strengthening and protection. Extended reading: edge strengthening, also known as ""three strong"". Is in the mobile phone industry, around the OGS product, after a strengthening, the end of lobes and CNC after the second strengthening (physical strengthening or hydrofluoric acid). After the second strengthening, the third reinforcement process was carried out for the product with poor stability of the product (4PB test and J2 test) and edge stealth crack risk.

Manufacturer's Description

"Tong Li provides a complete solution, automated equipment and glue simultaneously introduced, the coating efficiency of 5-inch products to 15 seconds 1, coated with 0.1g / piece of plastic.
   Through Corning ""three strong"" test, the highest 4PB test up to 780MPA.
   To achieve localization, low cost, in the second strengthening on the basis of the lower cost to achieve three times to strengthen the process.
   Corning and Tong Li jointly promote the use of traditional FIT glass customers, if the use of Tongli materials, Corning authorized the use of ""gorilla"" label."